- The main character in the book. She starts as a beautiful woman with long blonde hair and the perfect body that lives with her abusive husband named Kevin. Erin finally leaves him making her way to the quaint little town of Southport, North Carolina. With a new identity as Katie, she rents a little beat up cottage for the time being. Little does she know but she soon meets a man named Alex with two kids who she falls madly in love with. She also meets a woman named Jo who moves in next door and becomes her truest best friend.

Alex-The owner of the town grocery store who is a single father of two kids because his wife Carly died. He meets Katie and falls in love with her not just because of her eye-catching beauty but because of how she interacts and behaves toward his children. Alex also risks his life to save Katie when her abusive, drunk husband comes to town to take Katie with him.

Jo/Carly- Jo is a woman who moves in next to Katie and becomes Katie's truest friend in town. They talk over coffee and wine and Katie enjoys spending time with Jo. Little does Katie know but that Jo is actually Carly who is Alex's deceased wife.  She is a spirit or figment of imagination that is in Katie's life to help her find Alex because Carly only wants the best for her husband and children. She knows that Alex has fallen in love with Katie and Katie needs Alex and his children in her life as well.

Kevin- Katie's husband who is a police detective for Boston. After Katie leaves him because of his abusive ways ,Kevin feels he cannot live without her and no one else should have her if he doesn't. Kevin uses his detective skills and resources to track her down and try to set a building on fire that she is in. He is also in an intense brawl with Alex until Katie intervenes ending the problem forever. 

Kristen-  Alex's daughter who builds a bond with Katie early on in the book as she colors pictures for her and plays dolls with her. Kristen also goes to Katie when she needs to be comforted.

Josh- Alex's son who enjoys spending a lot of time outdoors and who develops a connection with Katie.